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Configure Tracks on UCSC Genome Browser: Soybean 2015 (Soybean)
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-   Mapping & Sequencing & Genes    
Base Position Chromosome position in bases. (Clicks here zoom in 3x)
Assembly Assembly
Gap Gap
GC Percent GC Percent in 5-Base Windows
Gene Prediction Gene Prediction
Short Match Perfect Matches to Short Sequence (AAAAA)
-   Glycine soja Alignment    
CD0250 CD0250 Glycine Soja Alignment
CD1078 CD1078 Glycine Soja Alignment
CD1094 CD1094 Glycine Soja Alignment
CD1123 CD1123 Glycine Soja Alignment
CD1125 CD1125 Glycine Soja Alignment
CD1148 CD1148 Glycine Soja Alignment
CD1156 CD1156 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN13 CHN13 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN2 CHN2 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN22 CHN22 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN25 CHN25 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN3 CHN3 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN35 CHN35 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN40 CHN40 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN42 CHN42 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN43 CHN43 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN45 CHN45 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN49 CHN49 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN54 CHN54 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN55 CHN55 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN57 CHN57 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN58 CHN58 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN60 CHN60 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN64 CHN64 Glycine Soja Alignment
CHN7 CHN7 Glycine Soja Alignment
IT162825 IT162825 Glycine Soja Alignment
IT178480 IT178480 Glycine Soja Alignment
IT182840 IT182840 Glycine Soja Alignment
IT182848 IT182848 Glycine Soja Alignment
IT182869 IT182869 Glycine Soja Alignment
IT182932 IT182932 Glycine Soja Alignment
JPN23 JPN23 Glycine Soja Alignment
JPN30 JPN30 Glycine Soja Alignment
JPN31 JPN31 Glycine Soja Alignment
JPN32 JPN32 Glycine Soja Alignment
JPN36 JPN36 Glycine Soja Alignment
JPN38 JPN38 Glycine Soja Alignment
JPN39 JPN39 Glycine Soja Alignment
JPN70 JPN70 Glycine Soja Alignment
JPN8 JPN8 Glycine Soja Alignment
PI-378689 PI-378689 Glycine Soja Alignment
PI339871B PI339871B Glycine Soja Alignment
PI378691 PI378691 Glycine Soja Alignment
PI424002 PI424002 Glycine Soja Alignment
PI458537A PI458537A Glycine Soja Alignment
PI507822 PI507822 Glycine Soja Alignment
PI518282 PI518282 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS-17 YWS-17 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS-4 YWS-4 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS-63 YWS-63 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS-68 YWS-68 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS-74 YWS-74 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1001 YWS1001 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1031 YWS1031 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1034 YWS1034 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1055 YWS1055 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1064 YWS1064 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1090 YWS1090 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1145 YWS1145 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1168 YWS1168 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1228 YWS1228 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1242 YWS1242 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1263 YWS1263 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1280 YWS1280 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1285 YWS1285 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1290 YWS1290 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1309 YWS1309 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1328 YWS1328 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS139 YWS139 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1446 YWS1446 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1457 YWS1457 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1502 YWS1502 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1580 YWS1580 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS1621 YWS1621 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS204 YWS204 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS219 YWS219 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS265 YWS265 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS3 YWS3 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS303 YWS303 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS304 YWS304 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS311 YWS311 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS333 YWS333 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS361 YWS361 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS393 YWS393 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS412 YWS412 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS421 YWS421 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS471 YWS471 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS479 YWS479 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS506 YWS506 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS525 YWS525 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS538 YWS538 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS555 YWS555 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS574 YWS574 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS583 YWS583 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS615 YWS615 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS663 YWS663 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS677 YWS677 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS765 YWS765 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS785 YWS785 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS801 YWS801 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS806 YWS806 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS818 YWS818 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS854 YWS854 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS856 YWS856 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS867 YWS867 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS871 YWS871 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS91 YWS91 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS924 YWS924 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS932 YWS932 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS950 YWS950 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS959 YWS959 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS967 YWS967 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS975 YWS975 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS978 YWS978 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS979 YWS979 Glycine Soja Alignment
YWS996 YWS996 Glycine Soja Alignment
-   Glycine soja Variations    
CD0250 CD0250 Glycine Soja Variation
CD1078 CD1078 Glycine Soja Variation
CD1094 CD1094 Glycine Soja Variation
CD1123 CD1123 Glycine Soja Variation
CD1125 CD1125 Glycine Soja Variation
CD1148 CD1148 Glycine Soja Variation
CD1156 CD1156 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN13 CHN13 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN2 CHN2 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN22 CHN22 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN25 CHN25 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN3 CHN3 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN35 CHN35 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN40 CHN40 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN42 CHN42 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN43 CHN43 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN45 CHN45 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN49 CHN49 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN54 CHN54 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN55 CHN55 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN57 CHN57 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN58 CHN58 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN60 CHN60 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN64 CHN64 Glycine Soja Variation
CHN7 CHN7 Glycine Soja Variation
IT162825 IT162825 Glycine Soja Variation
IT178480 IT178480 Glycine Soja Variation
IT182840 IT182840 Glycine Soja Variation
IT182848 IT182848 Glycine Soja Variation
IT182869 IT182869 Glycine Soja Variation
IT182932 IT182932 Glycine Soja Variation
JPN23 JPN23 Glycine Soja Variation
JPN30 JPN30 Glycine Soja Variation
JPN31 JPN31 Glycine Soja Variation
JPN32 JPN32 Glycine Soja Variation
JPN36 JPN36 Glycine Soja Variation
JPN38 JPN38 Glycine Soja Variation
JPN39 JPN39 Glycine Soja Variation
JPN70 JPN70 Glycine Soja Variation
JPN8 JPN8 Glycine Soja Variation
PI-378689 PI-378689 Glycine Soja Variation
PI339871B PI339871B Glycine Soja Variation
PI378691 PI378691 Glycine Soja Variation
PI424002 PI424002 Glycine Soja Variation
PI458537A PI458537A Glycine Soja Variation
PI507822 PI507822 Glycine Soja Variation
PI518282 PI518282 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS-17 YWS-17 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS-4 YWS-4 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS-63 YWS-63 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS-68 YWS-68 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS-74 YWS-74 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1001 YWS1001 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1031 YWS1031 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1034 YWS1034 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1055 YWS1055 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1064 YWS1064 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1090 YWS1090 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1145 YWS1145 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1168 YWS1168 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1228 YWS1228 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1242 YWS1242 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1263 YWS1263 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1280 YWS1280 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1285 YWS1285 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1290 YWS1290 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1309 YWS1309 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1328 YWS1328 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS139 YWS139 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1446 YWS1446 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1457 YWS1457 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1502 YWS1502 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1580 YWS1580 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS1621 YWS1621 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS204 YWS204 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS219 YWS219 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS265 YWS265 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS3 YWS3 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS303 YWS303 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS304 YWS304 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS311 YWS311 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS333 YWS333 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS361 YWS361 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS393 YWS393 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS412 YWS412 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS421 YWS421 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS471 YWS471 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS479 YWS479 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS506 YWS506 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS525 YWS525 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS538 YWS538 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS555 YWS555 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS574 YWS574 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS583 YWS583 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS615 YWS615 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS663 YWS663 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS677 YWS677 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS765 YWS765 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS785 YWS785 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS801 YWS801 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS806 YWS806 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS818 YWS818 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS854 YWS854 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS856 YWS856 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS867 YWS867 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS871 YWS871 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS91 YWS91 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS924 YWS924 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS932 YWS932 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS950 YWS950 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS959 YWS959 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS967 YWS967 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS975 YWS975 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS978 YWS978 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS979 YWS979 Glycine Soja Variation
YWS996 YWS996 Glycine Soja Variation
-   Glycine max Variations    
Anpyeong Anpyeong Glycine Max Variation
Bancheongdu Bancheongdu Glycine Max Variation
Bangsa Bangsa Glycine Max Variation
Blackhawk Blackhawk Glycine Max Variation
Boseok Boseok Glycine Max Variation
Bukwang Bukwang Glycine Max Variation
Cheongja Cheongja Glycine Max Variation
Cheongja3 Cheongja3 Glycine Max Variation
Daeheug Daeheug Glycine Max Variation
Daepung Daepung Glycine Max Variation
Daewon Daewon Glycine Max Variation
Daeyang Daeyang Glycine Max Variation
Danbaeg Danbaeg Glycine Max Variation
Danmi2 Danmi2 Glycine Max Variation
Doremi Doremi Glycine Max Variation
Fiskeby Fiskeby Glycine Max Variation
Galchae Galchae Glycine Max Variation
Geomeon Geomeon Glycine Max Variation
Geomjeong-1 Geomjeong-1 Glycine Max Variation
Geomjeong-2 Geomjeong-2 Glycine Max Variation
Geomjeong-3 Geomjeong-3 Glycine Max Variation
Geomjeongol Geomjeongol Glycine Max Variation
Haman Haman Glycine Max Variation
Hannam Hannam Glycine Max Variation
Heugcheong Heugcheong Glycine Max Variation
Hojang Hojang Glycine Max Variation
Hoseo Hoseo Glycine Max Variation
Hwangkeum Hwangkeum Glycine Max Variation
Ilpumgeomjeong Ilpumgeomjeong Glycine Max Variation
IT104334 IT104334 Glycine Max Variation
IT104887 IT104887 Glycine Max Variation
IT112859 IT112859 Glycine Max Variation
IT121504 IT121504 Glycine Max Variation
IT177388 IT177388 Glycine Max Variation
Josaengseori Josaengseori Glycine Max Variation
Kangwon2-33 Kangwon2-33 Glycine Max Variation
KAS210-22 KAS210-22 Glycine Max Variation
KAS331-12 KAS331-12 Glycine Max Variation
KAS380-14 KAS380-14 Glycine Max Variation
KAS505-1 KAS505-1 Glycine Max Variation
KAS531-5 KAS531-5 Glycine Max Variation
KAS571-23 KAS571-23 Glycine Max Variation
KAS574-11 KAS574-11 Glycine Max Variation
KAS611-1 KAS611-1 Glycine Max Variation
KAS622-8 KAS622-8 Glycine Max Variation
KAS625-19 KAS625-19 Glycine Max Variation
KAS638-10 KAS638-10 Glycine Max Variation
KAS660-21 KAS660-21 Glycine Max Variation
Keonol Keonol Glycine Max Variation
KLS-116-1 KLS-116-1 Glycine Max Variation
KLS087062 KLS087062 Glycine Max Variation
KLS087160 KLS087160 Glycine Max Variation
KLS105 KLS105 Glycine Max Variation
KLS117 KLS117 Glycine Max Variation
KLS123-1 KLS123-1 Glycine Max Variation
KLS739-2 KLS739-2 Glycine Max Variation
KLS77048 KLS77048 Glycine Max Variation
KLS77131-2 KLS77131-2 Glycine Max Variation
KLS77170 KLS77170 Glycine Max Variation
KLS87113 KLS87113 Glycine Max Variation
KLS87352 KLS87352 Glycine Max Variation
Kongnamul Kongnamul Glycine Max Variation
Kwangan Kwangan Glycine Max Variation
Kwangkyo Kwangkyo Glycine Max Variation
L62-667 L62-667 Glycine Max Variation
Meju Meju Glycine Max Variation
Milyang12 Milyang12 Glycine Max Variation
Nokwon Nokwon Glycine Max Variation
OT94-51 OT94-51 Glycine Max Variation
Paldonamul Paldonamul Glycine Max Variation
Peking Peking Glycine Max Variation
PI209332 PI209332 Glycine Max Variation
PI437654 PI437654 Glycine Max Variation
PI475812B PI475812B Glycine Max Variation
PI475814 PI475814 Glycine Max Variation
PI54818 PI54818 Glycine Max Variation
PI548316 PI548316 Glycine Max Variation
PI68484-4 PI68484-4 Glycine Max Variation
PI68696 PI68696 Glycine Max Variation
PI82235 PI82235 Glycine Max Variation
PI82295 PI82295 Glycine Max Variation
PI84609 PI84609 Glycine Max Variation
PI84669 PI84669 Glycine Max Variation
PI84669N PI84669N Glycine Max Variation
PI84680 PI84680 Glycine Max Variation
PI84946-2 PI84946-2 Glycine Max Variation
PI87619-1 PI87619-1 Glycine Max Variation
PI88306-1 PI88306-1 Glycine Max Variation
PI88788 PI88788 Glycine Max Variation
PI89128 PI89128 Glycine Max Variation
PI89772 PI89772 Glycine Max Variation
PI90762 PI90762 Glycine Max Variation
PI91083 PI91083 Glycine Max Variation
PI92568 PI92568 Glycine Max Variation
PI93559 PI93559 Glycine Max Variation
PI96983 PI96983 Glycine Max Variation
Pungwon Pungwon Glycine Max Variation
Pureun2 Pureun2 Glycine Max Variation
RRR RRR Glycine Max Variation
Saebyeol Saebyeol Glycine Max Variation
Saedanbaek Saedanbaek Glycine Max Variation
Saline Saline Glycine Max Variation
seonam seonam Glycine Max Variation
Seoritae Seoritae Glycine Max Variation
Shinhwa Shinhwa Glycine Max Variation
Sinpaldal Sinpaldal Glycine Max Variation
Sinpaldal2 Sinpaldal2 Glycine Max Variation
Sinrok Sinrok Glycine Max Variation
SLSB-B-15 SLSB-B-15 Glycine Max Variation
SLSB-B-27 SLSB-B-27 Glycine Max Variation
SLSB322-3 SLSB322-3 Glycine Max Variation
SLSB397-1 SLSB397-1 Glycine Max Variation
SLSJ101-1 SLSJ101-1 Glycine Max Variation
SLSJ190-2 SLSJ190-2 Glycine Max Variation
Socheong Socheong Glycine Max Variation
Socheong2 Socheong2 Glycine Max Variation
Soho Soho Glycine Max Variation
Sohwang Sohwang Glycine Max Variation
Somyeongnamul Somyeongnamul Glycine Max Variation
Sowon Sowon Glycine Max Variation
Suwon116 Suwon116 Glycine Max Variation
Suwon98 Suwon98 Glycine Max Variation
Taekwang Taekwang Glycine Max Variation
Uram Uram Glycine Max Variation
Williams82K Williams82K Glycine Max Variation
X1000A X1000A Glycine Max Variation
YB316-3 YB316-3 Glycine Max Variation
Yemsol Yemsol Glycine Max Variation
YJ229-3 YJ229-3 Glycine Max Variation
YN154 YN154 Glycine Max Variation
YN197-1 YN197-1 Glycine Max Variation
Yonpoong Yonpoong Glycine Max Variation
Youkwoo16 Youkwoo16 Glycine Max Variation
-   Glycine max Alignment    
Anpyeong Anpyeong Glycine Max Alignment
Bancheongdu Bancheongdu Glycine Max Alignment
Bangsa Bangsa Glycine Max Alignment
Blackhawk Blackhawk Glycine Max Alignment
Boseok Boseok Glycine Max Alignment
Bukwang Bukwang Glycine Max Alignment
Cheongja Cheongja Glycine Max Alignment
Cheongja3 Cheongja3 Glycine Max Alignment
Daeheug Daeheug Glycine Max Alignment
Daepung Daepung Glycine Max Alignment
Daewon Daewon Glycine Max Alignment
Daeyang Daeyang Glycine Max Alignment
Danbaeg Danbaeg Glycine Max Alignment
Danmi2 Danmi2 Glycine Max Alignment
Doremi Doremi Glycine Max Alignment
Fiskeby Fiskeby Glycine Max Alignment
Galchae Galchae Glycine Max Alignment
Geomeon Geomeon Glycine Max Alignment
Geomjeong-1 Geomjeong-1 Glycine Max Alignment
Geomjeong-2 Geomjeong-2 Glycine Max Alignment
Geomjeong-3 Geomjeong-3 Glycine Max Alignment
Geomjeongol Geomjeongol Glycine Max Alignment
Haman Haman Glycine Max Alignment
Hannam Hannam Glycine Max Alignment
Heugcheong Heugcheong Glycine Max Alignment
Hojang Hojang Glycine Max Alignment
Hoseo Hoseo Glycine Max Alignment
Hwangkeum Hwangkeum Glycine Max Alignment
Ilpumgeomjeong Ilpumgeomjeong Glycine Max Alignment
IT104334 IT104334 Glycine Max Alignment
IT104887 IT104887 Glycine Max Alignment
IT112859 IT112859 Glycine Max Alignment
IT121504 IT121504 Glycine Max Alignment
IT177388 IT177388 Glycine Max Alignment
Josaengseori Josaengseori Glycine Max Alignment
Kangwon2-33 Kangwon2-33 Glycine Max Alignment
KAS210-22 KAS210-22 Glycine Max Alignment
KAS331-12 KAS331-12 Glycine Max Alignment
KAS380-14 KAS380-14 Glycine Max Alignment
KAS505-1 KAS505-1 Glycine Max Alignment
KAS531-5 KAS531-5 Glycine Max Alignment
KAS571-23 KAS571-23 Glycine Max Alignment
KAS574-11 KAS574-11 Glycine Max Alignment
KAS611-1 KAS611-1 Glycine Max Alignment
KAS622-8 KAS622-8 Glycine Max Alignment
KAS625-19 KAS625-19 Glycine Max Alignment
KAS638-10 KAS638-10 Glycine Max Alignment
KAS660-21 KAS660-21 Glycine Max Alignment
Keonol Keonol Glycine Max Alignment
KLS-116-1 KLS-116-1 Glycine Max Alignment
KLS087062 KLS087062 Glycine Max Alignment
KLS087160 KLS087160 Glycine Max Alignment
KLS105 KLS105 Glycine Max Alignment
KLS117 KLS117 Glycine Max Alignment
KLS123-1 KLS123-1 Glycine Max Alignment
KLS739-2 KLS739-2 Glycine Max Alignment
KLS77048 KLS77048 Glycine Max Alignment
KLS77131-2 KLS77131-2 Glycine Max Alignment
KLS77170 KLS77170 Glycine Max Alignment
KLS87113 KLS87113 Glycine Max Alignment
KLS87352 KLS87352 Glycine Max Alignment
Kongnamul Kongnamul Glycine Max Alignment
Kwangan Kwangan Glycine Max Alignment
Kwangkyo Kwangkyo Glycine Max Alignment
L62-667 L62-667 Glycine Max Alignment
Meju Meju Glycine Max Alignment
Milyang12 Milyang12 Glycine Max Alignment
Nokwon Nokwon Glycine Max Alignment
OT94-51 OT94-51 Glycine Max Alignment
Paldonamul Paldonamul Glycine Max Alignment
Peking Peking Glycine Max Alignment
PI209332 PI209332 Glycine Max Alignment
PI437654 PI437654 Glycine Max Alignment
PI475812B PI475812B Glycine Max Alignment
PI475814 PI475814 Glycine Max Alignment
PI54818 PI54818 Glycine Max Alignment
PI548316 PI548316 Glycine Max Alignment
PI68484-4 PI68484-4 Glycine Max Alignment
PI68696 PI68696 Glycine Max Alignment
PI82235 PI82235 Glycine Max Alignment
PI82295 PI82295 Glycine Max Alignment
PI84609 PI84609 Glycine Max Alignment
PI84669 PI84669 Glycine Max Alignment
PI84669N PI84669N Glycine Max Alignment
PI84680 PI84680 Glycine Max Alignment
PI84946-2 PI84946-2 Glycine Max Alignment
PI87619-1 PI87619-1 Glycine Max Alignment
PI88306-1 PI88306-1 Glycine Max Alignment
PI88788 PI88788 Glycine Max Alignment
PI89128 PI89128 Glycine Max Alignment
PI89772 PI89772 Glycine Max Alignment
PI90762 PI90762 Glycine Max Alignment
PI91083 PI91083 Glycine Max Alignment
PI92568 PI92568 Glycine Max Alignment
PI93559 PI93559 Glycine Max Alignment
PI96983 PI96983 Glycine Max Alignment
Pungwon Pungwon Glycine Max Alignment
Pureun2 Pureun2 Glycine Max Alignment
RRR RRR Glycine Max Alignment
Saebyeol Saebyeol Glycine Max Alignment
Saedanbaek Saedanbaek Glycine Max Alignment
Saline Saline Glycine Max Alignment
seonam seonam Glycine Max Alignment
Seoritae Seoritae Glycine Max Alignment
Shinhwa Shinhwa Glycine Max Alignment
Sinpaldal Sinpaldal Glycine Max Alignment
Sinpaldal2 Sinpaldal2 Glycine Max Alignment
Sinrok Sinrok Glycine Max Alignment
SLSB-B-15 SLSB-B-15 Glycine Max Alignment
SLSB-B-27 SLSB-B-27 Glycine Max Alignment
SLSB322-3 SLSB322-3 Glycine Max Alignment
SLSB397-1 SLSB397-1 Glycine Max Alignment
SLSJ101-1 SLSJ101-1 Glycine Max Alignment
SLSJ190-2 SLSJ190-2 Glycine Max Alignment
Socheong Socheong Glycine Max Alignment
Socheong2 Socheong2 Glycine Max Alignment
Soho Soho Glycine Max Alignment
Sohwang Sohwang Glycine Max Alignment
Somyeongnamul Somyeongnamul Glycine Max Alignment
Sowon Sowon Glycine Max Alignment
Suwon116 Suwon116 Glycine Max Alignment
Suwon98 Suwon98 Glycine Max Alignment
Taekwang Taekwang Glycine Max Alignment
Uram Uram Glycine Max Alignment
Williams82K Williams82K Glycine Max Alignment
X1000A X1000A Glycine Max Alignment
YB316-3 YB316-3 Glycine Max Alignment
Yemsol Yemsol Glycine Max Alignment
YJ229-3 YJ229-3 Glycine Max Alignment
YN154 YN154 Glycine Max Alignment
YN197-1 YN197-1 Glycine Max Alignment
Yonpoong Yonpoong Glycine Max Alignment
Youkwoo16 Youkwoo16 Glycine Max Alignment