Recent important updates of the Korean Soya Base

Useful recent updates on soybean genomic data and features in the Korean Soya Base are as follows:

(1) SNP data from 4,234 soybeans (Glycine max and G. soja) genotyped using 180K AXIOM SoyaSNP array are newly available on the Data Resource page.

(2) Added whole genome NGS read alignment and variation tracks for 249 Korean wild and cultivated soybean breeds
on the Genome Browser page.

Whole genome NGS read-alignment data and variation data for total 249 wild and cultivated soybean breeds (116 wild soybean breeds, Glycine soja, and 133 cultivated soybean breeds, Glycine max) had imported into the Korean Soya Base and serviced as 4 tracks on the Genome Browser.

  • - Glycine soja Alignment track
  • - Glycine soja Variation track
  • - Glycine max Alignment track
  • - Glycine max Variation track

(3) Embodied the LD structure viewer on the Genome Browser page.

  • - LD map for the browsing chromosomal region for the Glycine soja and Glycine max breeds is analyzed and provided by one-click on the Genome Browser. This function is performed by clicking ‘View LD structure’ button positioned on the top part of the Genome Browser.
  • - To develop the LD structure viewer, variation data for each group of wild soybeans and cultivated soybeans were imputed and phased by the BEAGLE S/W.
  • - LD structure of the variation data for each group and both groups in the browsing region is analyzed and plotted by the HaploView